And the winner is…. The Schlage B560 and B660 Series Locks

At least the winner for me is the Schlage B560 and B660 Series Deadbolts. I find the Schlage a good choice the B560 is a Grade 2 commercial lock and the B660 is a perfect choice for a Grade 1 Lock. The above link will help you understand what and how the Grading system works.

The reason I choose and recommend the Schlage locks is because the offer the best protection you can get from a moderately priced lock and it offers cylinder interchangeability you can change the standard cylinder to an upgraded Everest, or for Ultimate Security and Key Control the Schlage Everest Primus Cylinders,
You can even change the keyway entirely to a Weiser or other type KIK cylinder.
A couple other nice pieces of the security puzzle are things like steel shielding to prevent Ice Pick attacks and 3″ screws for the receiver side if the lock, these screws not only go into the door frame but are long enough to going into the wall studs and offer excellent protection against “Kick” attacks.
My advice is don’t settle for a Standard home quality lock from your local Big Box store when you can have the Commercial Protection, the Durability, and the Reliability of a Professional Series of locks from your local Locksmithing and Security agent.
Don’t forget that the best lock in the world is no protection if it’s installed poorly.

Check us out at. Mr.ProLock Toronto Locksmithing & Security Systems

Check out Terry in Vancouver at Mr Locksmith

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To The Lowest Bidder Goes……

the safety of your family.
Some people may think this an unfair statement, but the proof is out there. Our industry as Locksmiths, Security Professionals, or whatever other title you endow us with is ripe with examples. All you have to do is Google us Google in my case type in Locksmith Toronto or whatever city you reside in and see what comes up,  $15.00 and $19.00 Locksmiths. There is not a Locksmith out there that doesn’t come across the question ” John Doe Locksmith’s can do it for this price can you beat itThe simple answer is why would I want to beat it, as a professional charged with you and your families protection I would hope you would want a qualified professional who stands up to the scrutiny of a Police Records Check, I would also hope that you want the best lock that your money can buy to protect that with is most dear to you. Not some copy mass produced to look good but have the inside workings of the Tinker Toy you played with as a kid. The answer I most receive about the quality of a lock is “I have a great alarm system” ask yourself this what good is the alarm after people get into your home and have traumatized your family? Are police on every corner? Have you ever checked out what police response times are in your neighbourhood? I can bet the guy/gal breaking into your house has, he/she knows exactly how much time they have to ransack your home. Alarm Response Policy – Toronto Police Service How many people set alarms when they are home and moving around, no alarm on equals no response from police.

The key is to prevent entry into your home.
How many times have all of us questioned the safety and security of our facilities, when something goes wrong we inevitably question if the contract went to the lowest bidder, how many times have we heard of a failure of a minor part of a major project because a .25 cent O ring was purchased from the lowest bidder for .10 cents and it failed causing massive consequences. Anyone that has seen Apollo 13 knows what I am talking about. BBC Solar System – Apollo 13: Facts about the ill-fated Moon mission

The next time you call a Locksmith think about this is your family worth the best or the cheapest? Do you really thing a $20.00 lock is the same as a $80.00 lock?  Do you really think that a Professional Locksmith is the same as a lock installer?  Think about this too, if you were going in to surgery do you want to lowest bidder operating on you?

Next time you think about how cheap you can get it, think about what you’re getting for the price. Is it quality both in product and in installation.

Check us out Mr. Locksmith Toronto Locksmiths in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver … 24Hr Mr. Locksmith

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Weiser Smart Key Locks: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Weiser/Kwikset has a lock on the marketplace available at most of your local big box stores, it’s called the Smart Key Lock. The Smart Key system advertises that it is easy for you the owner of the lock to change the key to another cut of key.Mr Locksmith How to Rekey Weiser Kwikset Smart Key Lock Sounds nice simple and easy doesn’t it. What Weiser does not tell you is that the lock is so easy to defeat it’s scary.

Many people have blogged on this, in the industry it’s known as a lock with about a 10 second defeat time. The title The Emperor Has No Clothes comes from our firms own Master Locksmith, Terry Whin-Yates The Emperior has No Clothes or Weiser / Kwikset Smart Key Lock has a Security Flaw Terry was denied access to a Weiser/Kwikset  Smart Key lockpicking competition last summer by Weiser/Kwikset because of his opinions on this lock. Check out Terry at: Mr. Locksmith

A couple of You-Tube videos on the subject say it better that I could:

The ultimate Smart Key defeat – Pick Smart Key Locks this is from  Major Manufacturing  Major Manufacturing Specialty Products and tools for the …

How to Open a Kwikset Smart Key Lock in 10 seconds Video by Mr. Locksmith this is from Mr. Locksmith


I guess it comes down to would you trust your family to this lock? I wouldn’t. The Weiser/Kwikset Smart Key Locking System gets a F in my opinion.

For recommendations on proper locks visit Mr Locksmith Toronto | Toronto Locksmiths | Automotive Locksmiths send me a email from the Contact Us page or call the numbers listed.

A future blog will deal with recommendations also


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Euro-Profile Rekeying. A Different Experience

Recently a contractor called me on a Major Condominium project being built in a revitalized area of Toronto known as Regent Park. The contractor was creating custom frames for the doors for the indoor swimming pool, because of the design created by the architect he had to use a European Profile locking system. The problem he encountered was none of the locksmith agencies he talked to had either the clue or the inclination to tackle this type of rekeying job, namely making the 6 European locks so that they would work off the same key.

At Mr ProLock GTA we pride ourselves on being able to work on extraordinary projects such as this, so I welcomed the challenge.
These European Profile locks were very similar the Small Format Interchangeable Core locks in that they need to be loaded from the top. The main issue is there is no readily available parts for these locks in Canada that I could find, so we worked with the materials that were available.
Step one: Figure out which key to use, there were 6 locks and to rekey 6 did not make sense do I picked out one lock with the least amount of different pins I could find, this allowed me to decode the lock easier and also make the rekeying job simpler.
Step 2: Removing the plug, the plugs on the locks are held in with a C clip made of soft metal, it was easy to use a pair of snap ring pliers to bend the clip for removal without breaking it. A pair of needle nose pliers one the clip was spread and it was removed.
Step 3: Removing the plug. Knowing that when I removed everything other than the bottom pins would come out all at once I was careful to make sure everything landed on my LAB mat, it’s a simple work mat designed by Lab Lock Pins they make a professional working mat that is designed to catch everything that comes out of a lock, the benefit no lost parts.
Step 4: Pinning the Plug. After figuring out that pins were required to pin the first lock I made sure i wrote down the size of the pins(memory isn’t what it used to be). I loaded the plug and then the real fun began.
Step 5: Everything has to go bak in the top. The bottom pins can and should be inserted with the plug. The rest has to go in through the top, the problem is a pressed in pin that cannot be easily removed. The solution drill it out. The problem what to replace it with? To me the easiest and most efficient way was to drill the pins out and to tap the holes and insert a set screw, a drop of Lock-Tite so it won’t back out easily and problem solved.
Step 6: After Drilling, Tapping and testing the Set Screws. After the process of drilling out and tapping the holes you have a lot of debris inside the cylinder, you can never leave metal filings inside the cylinder it is a recipe for disaster. I found the best product to wash out the cylinder is WD-40, after cleaning out the cylinder and carefully drying out the excess lubricant it’s time to assemble the lock.
Step 7: Putting the Lock Together. The first thing before anything is to reinstall the plug, I inserted the plug and tailpieces into the cylinder after making sure the lock would turn freely with the key with no hang ups I reinstalled the clip and bent it back to a closed position with a small pair of needle nose pliers.
Step 8: Loading the Cylinder. I loaded the balance of the pins from the top, it was nice to see that 4 of 5 of the top pins were “J” pins making it harder to pick this type of lock, the 5th pin was a standard top pin. After the pins in goes the springs. because the set screws would not go and deep as the standard pressed in pins that come from the factory I decided to use a longer spring, perfect for the job was another LAB product that is also tangle proof. I put in the set screws and tested the locks.
Step 9: A Sigh. All of the locks now work with the same key perfectly Job almost completed.
Step 10. Making Extra Keys. The job required some spare keys, Trevor Bridges from Jovan Security Distributors, has very sharp eyes and key identification skills that made it easy, in about 30 seconds I had the blanks required to cut the duplicates. I tested the duplicates and the job was completed.
All in all this job was far from “run of the mill”. What it provided for me was something out of the usual, a break from the ordinary and a bit of a test of my resourcefulness. I thoroughly enjoyed this job and would do another without hesitation.
Special thanks go out to Terry Whin-Yates of 24 Hour Mr. Locksmith in Vancouver a good friend and a mentor and to Trevor Bridges from Jovan Security Distributors for his assistance in obtaining materials and insights into the job. Thanks to both of you for your kind assistance.

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A $15.00 Locksmith, I would rather believe in the Tooth Fairy

After recently reading a number of blogs and tweets from Terry Whin-Yates from our parent company about locksmith scams throughout the USA and Canada I have to sit back and wonder are people really so easily taken advantage of? that people believe that a true professional with training, insurance, a vehicle, inventory and a sizeable investment in equipment not to mention gasoline at $1.20 + per litre is going to leave their home or business, travel to the persons residence, business or vehicle and provide a professional job for $15.00 or $19.00 as we have all seen advertised? There is something wrong with this picture.
I guess I would wonder if people want to protect their families and businesses with people they believe work this cheaply they might also have a spouse operated on by a cut rate surgeon, or a lawsuit handled by someone less than qualified, personally I think the best professional you can afford is best for any situation whether it be your security or that of your family, your health and the health of your family or any other circumstance you might find yourself in. Imagine trying to stop your car one day with brakes improperly installed by the lowest bidder.
Personally I would rather believe in the Tooth Fairly that outlandish and unbelievable rates posted by business that cannot be the complete story.
Have a look at these stories see if you’re convinced if it seems to good to be true it more than likely is to good to be true.

Just a few, I am sure you can all find many more out there

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Why try to put a Square Peg in a Round Hole?

I had a client call me tonight and ask me if I could install a lock in his front door a lock he was to supply I am always leary of these jobs but like any business person am here to earn a living, after explaining the charges to the gentleman and having his agreement I received his address and since I was done my last job scheduled for the day immediately headed over to his home. When I got there the surprises began.The lock he was supplying Samsung, yes a Samsung the latest and greatest with all the bells and whistles, numerical code keypad, biometrics, power actuated bolts, the whole enchilada so to speak. Very nice. Problem one all the instruction were in Korean, unfortunately I don’t read Korean, what it does tell me though is this lock is not for a Canadian to North American market. Problem Two the latching system is designed for an Aluminum or other type door, the the wooden from door of your typical house, the latch requires noticing out a sizeable piece of the front door and therefore it weakens the structure of the door. Problem 3 the receiving side of the door frame likewise needs to be morticed out and judging by the size of the insert the bolt area of the lock only goes in about 3/4 of an inch, the screws were only 1 inch long leaving you vulnerable to a “kick type attack”. Problem 4 with all the electronics on this lock and the actuators involved with draw a heavier amperage that just Biometrics and a keypad the battery life in these locks drops substantially costing the owner a higher than intended expense.
After explaining why I could not ethically install this Square Peg in a Round hole due to the fact that I would compromise his home security and his families safety the client explained to me that he had already had one installed on his rear door. I kind of did a double take and asked him why not have the prior person/locksmith install this one, my answer 3 words “to much money” well I can’t fault a man for trying to find the biggest bang for his buck and the client offered to show me the lock and installation in his rear door. To me the words that came to mind were BUTCHERY and TRAVESTY. To see a beautiful beveled high end expensive door hacked apart to install a lock that was not designed to fit the door, that reduces the security of the family and home is a travesty, to see 4 to 5 inches of the bevel opened to the air and the public is butchery, to see a lock off center and unsupported properly is an embarrassment.
There are major North American concern that build every kind of lock for every application you can think of, they are companies that have the skill and the know how to properly secure your home and family, they are professionals who have decades of history behind them and test everything to the nines.These are companies that supply training to us as qualified professional Locksmiths so that we can best advise you the home or business owner what application best suits your needs, they also make products to fit just about every price point out there other than garbage that compromises your security and their reputation.
All I or any other locksmith out here can do is advise you with all our experience and out ability to install the RIGHT PRODUCT FOR THE RIGHT APPLICATION. Keep in mind that we as professionals have our own families that we also protect the right way and advise you with that in mind.

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Pennywise and Pound Foolish old sayings make the most sense

I recently read a tweet for another locksmith from the States who tweeted how he was amazed at how people would try to “protect their $200,000 dollar house with a $20.00 lock, when I read that it struck a note with me because in places like Toronto the average price for a home is in excess of $500,000 and in Vancouver even more. Week in and week out I as well as other “PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITHS” get calls from individuals trying to do exactly that, they are trying to protect the single largest purchase they will ever make in life with “CRAP” a cheap lock that leaves them and their most valuable asset(their family) vulnerable to attack, robbery or worse. How much is really to much to have a Professional come in assess and outfit your home with proper security and locks? How much is it worth to you to have the piece of mind that not every Bozo with a large boot can kick in your door and terrorize your family, to protect your assets against home invasion or worse.
There have been a number of events in Toronto this week that prompt me to write this blog at this time and non of them were happy events for the people involved, in fact all of them were life altering for the people, things that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Here are 2 of them..

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Vancouver BC 5 Day Mr. Locksmith Training Class

Mr. Locksmith will be conducting a 5 Day, Hands-on Locksmith Training starting Monday November 28 to Friday December 02, 2011, Downtown Vancouver 10am-5pm.  Toronto December 2011 TBA (December 12-16, 2011 Pending).
This is a hands on locksmith training class, no watching movies, you will learn hands on, you do the work. This is not a correspondence course. You will learn to pick locks the starting the first day. The first hour you will cut a key on a computerized key code machine and before noon you will be rekeying locks and cutting keys.

Day 1: The first hour you will cut a key on a computerized key code machine and before noon you will be rekeying locks and cutting keys, duplicate keys by code and manual key machines, dissemble locks, rekey locks, remove and replace deadbolts, shim locks, introduction to picking

Day 2: More cutting keys on code machine, rekeying deadbolts, trouble shooting lock problems, more shimming, more lock picking.

Day 3: Full day of lock picking, We will follow my new book “Penetration Expert: How to Pick locks like a Professional locksmith” Methods to pick locks: rake, feel method picking, rake and feel, picking mush room pins, picking spool pins,

Day 4: lock-outs, removing broken keys, design a mini Master key system and master key locks.

Day 5: impressioning locks, trouble shooting lockouts, How to open a lock that will not pick, open a malfunctioning lock, rules and regulations, opening cars.

Mr. Locksmith provides hands-on comprehensive knowledge about locking and unlocking principles, security issues, and effective use of cutting-edge products. Each student will cut over 100+ keys per students (by code and manual key machines) and rekey, shim, pick open, take apart (and put back together) lots of locks (deadbolts and key in knobs). Also, lock-outs, broken keys and picking locks.

The Locksmithing Class is $1500.00 and includes all supplies, lock picks, tools and material needed to take the course with. The locksmith class is designed to teach engineering or maintenance employees for large facilities (School, Hospital, Corrections, Policing, etc.) and is a good start for beginners. The Five Day Institutional Locksmithing Class is available onsite with a minimum of four (4) students. Call or e-mail to arrange a class or for next course dates.

Note: All students must pass a criminal records check. (except Police, Hospital or School employees). Call or e-mail for details.

The apprentice form I fill out the first day of locksmith class.

Call or e-mail me to book a seat to attend the Locksmith Class.

Terry Whin-Yates BA Hons (Criminology) 
3rd Generation Master Locksmith 
25+ Years Experience
BC Security Business License : B4227
Call Toll Free: 1-866-886-5006

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Ford Focus, the worst case scenario

As you can see I have written on the Ford Focus ignition cylinders and their issue previously. I have recently found out just how bad the situation can be.
Recently while working on a Focus ignition cylinder I was having a lot of difficulty getting the cylinder to turn, in fact it was to the point where the retainer had to be completely drilled out. When the cylinder started to turn, it turned freely and a complete 360 degrees, around and around and around, I know that is not a good sign.
In this case the link at the bottom of the ignition switch was broken and turning freely. I started to investigate this for the client as I had not come across a Focus with such extensive damage. A quick trip to the Ford dealer opened my eyes a lot wider, the ignition switch is part of the steering column, in other words when the ignition switch is replaced so is the steering column, dealer price for the part $550.00 bigger surprise the dealer had the part on the shelf in stock, the parts persons comment “guess this is pretty common if we stock the part”.
As much as we try to be as accurate with out quotes as we can, there are times that the unforeseen happens, and as much as we want to be “right on the money” with quotes there is no crystal ball.
I guess the bottom line is no matter if we think we have seen it all, someone has seen more, I have a new one experience to add to my collection.

I would have added more pictures the date was off on my camera though.

This is where the side retainer was drilled

The large hole is all I normal have to drill, the smaller ones are to drill out the retainer

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Make sure you don’t get caught !!!! Scam Locksmiths

I follow a lot of information in our industry, I have been trained by a Master Locksmith 3rd Generation Terry Whin-Yates and have been involved in Locksmithing both as a interest and as a profession since Terry and I went to High School together more years ago than I care to remember. Further to the experience I have gained I am also a Licensed Motor Vehicle Technician with a great understanding of Automotive Locksmiths. When I see something like this it just ticks me off(can’t use the words I would like to here).
Unfortunately ONTARIO has no licensing requirement for Locksmiths.
Locksmiths at Mr. ProLock GTA can and will email you a quote should you ask.

Check out this segment of the TODAY Show

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